Academy Curriculum

Our goal is to find the level at which each child is successful and to design instruction to challenge them to master skills to improve all areas.

The curriculum and instructional models used at Rose Academy are based on programs that we have found successful during our 30 years of offering academic programs. 

Students are tested, an individualized plan is designed, and students are assigned to learning groups. Instruction is delivered using the center approach which allows for more individualized instruction, frequent change in academic tasks, closer relationships between teachers and students and the elimination of non-productive work.

Testing and portfolio assessments are ongoing. Groups and goals change frequently as skill mastery is obtained.

Our goal is to find the level at which each child is successful and to design instruction to improve all areas. Testing will be updated throughout the year to assess progress and adjust goals and materials. Each student’s academic curriculum is designed around the following components:


  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonemic Development
  • Word Reading
  • Comprehension


  • Numbers and Operations
  • Data Analysis
  • Measurement
  • Algebra
  • Geometry


  • Text-Based Writing
  • Topic Writing
  • Literary Analysis
  • Research Writing

Social Studies & Science

  • Use of Content Specific Vocabulary
  • Knowledge of Key Events and Historical Figures
  • Meeting the Next Generation State Standards

Directed independent studies

  • Meet the Masters
  • Science lab
  • Drafting
  • Finance
  • FLVS Elective Courses


Student & Parent Experiences

We absolutely love this school. Our son has attended the summer programs and the regular school year and it's been so beneficial to his academics and general well being. The faculty and staff have been so great working with him and we can't say enough good things about the experience so far.

- Parent Submitted Review

Rose Academy is a great school. Mr. and Mrs. Rose are very caring people who listen to the parents and student for each child's individual needs. We moved here from the Atlanta area and have been thrilled with our child's progress. I highly recommend this school if your child has learning differences.

- Parent Submitted Review

The tutoring program at Rose has been GREAT!! My son has shown excellent progress since he started tutoring. Nobody is turned away and if $$ is the issue, they will work with you so your child can excel.

- Parent Submitted Review

My child excelled at school after a short stint with the Rose School tutors at HCES. His study skills improved and his confidence soared. He is now excelling without any support. The Rose team is truly committed to each child.

- Parent Submitted Review